Clever Curl

Curl Cream


A curl cream that provides long-lasting maximum moisture and beautiful definition with no hold. May be used as a leave-in and/or for a refresh. Suitable for all hair types.

The curl cream may be used in either or both of the following ways:

Method 1: leave-in

  1. After your conditioning routine, apply to palms and distribute evenly through hair using your preferred personal techniques such as; raking, praying hands.
  2. For more accentuated curls gently scrunch hair to encourage stronger curls.
  3. Leave in and let hair dry with your preferred technique such as; plopping, diffusing, or air drying, OR for stronger curl definition and hold apply a curl gel before allowing the hair to dry.

Method 2: refresh

  1. Add a small amount of product to a water spray bottle. Add more if required.
  2. Spray the mixture on desired parts of the hair to combat frizz.
  3. Let curls dry with your preferred refreshing techniques.

Safe for coloured hair.

DO NOT throw out empty bottle- bring it in store and we can refill it for you.

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