Byron Bay Candles

Candle Refills


A candle jar refill is an environmentally friendly initiative to reuse your Byron Bay Candles 50hr glass jar over and over again.

Hand-poured with a natural blend of beautifully combined aromatic fragrances in 100% pure soy wax.

Select a scent below to reveal the oils in each infusion.

This is easy as ‘pure soy wax’ is soluble in warm/hot soapy water.

  1. With approximately 5mm of wax remaining, soak your Byron Bay Candles glass jar in warm soapy water. Agitate wick tab until it dislodges and dispose
  2. Wash jar until clean and wipe dry (a small amount of boiling water will help)
  3. Remove new candle wax refill from all packaging and peel tape cover from the bottom of the wick tab
  4. Insert refill in to glass jar
  5. Light wick and burn candle until the melt pool reaches the edge of jar. This ensures an even burn for the lifetime of your candle and prevents a cavity forming around the wick

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